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Please find information related to the summer academy Opera by the Fjord 2024

Welcome to Opera by the Fjord Summer Academy at Bergen National Opera

It is a great pleasure to welcome you to our 4th edition of Opera by the Fjord.

This summer academy is Bergen National Opera’s dearest «baby», and the first project I initiated when I started as opera chief in Bergen. I got my dear friend and colleague Sascha Goetzel to join me as co-leader of the festival from the very beginning, the rest is history.

The purpose of the academy is to give all the students a possibility to explore and examine opera life in protected surroundings, and learn together with fellow artists from all over the world. We have instrumental-, conducting-, piano- and song-students, and our ambition is that everybody learns not only together, but also from each other.

The faculty is a mixture of the highest competence from all the major Scandinavian cities and Vienna – and we want all the teachers to give feedback across their own field, based on their professional experience.

The students live together on a veteran ship, MS Sunnhordland – this allows us to have a close by dining experience and intime academy atmosphere. But it also means that we all need to give each other some space and show tolerance during the week.

This summer the academy is bigger than before, and we focus on no less than two titles, Zauberflöte and Rheingold. This means that we will have very busy days with high intensity, so make sure you also get enough rest between the rehearsals.

But most importantly, enjoy the academy spirit and atmosphere – lets have a lot of fun together.

We wish you a wonderful and crazy week with beautiful music making.

Eivind Gullberg Jensen

Quick note: If you have any dietary requirements, please let Vilde know by June 1st at the latest.


Please click on the link to see the Production Schedule The schedule is subject to change and it will be updated daily during the week of the academy. Please contact Vilde Gustavsen (vilde@bno.no) if you have any questions.

Day to day plan in general:

  • Saturday 22nd of June: Conductors, singers and repetiteurs arrive and we start with musical rehearsals at 2pm
  • Sunday 23rd of June: Continue musical rehearsal and start staging
  • Monday 24th of June: Continue rehearsal
  • Tuesday 25th of June: Continue rehearsal and orchestra musicians arrive
  • Wednesday 26th of June: Continue rehearsal and staging - Tutti
  • Thursday 27th of June: Dress and Performance (additional to other rehearsals) and Dinner with invited guests
  • Friday 28th of June: Continue rehearsals - Tutti
  • Saturday 29th of June: Continue rehearsals and Dress for Rheingold - Tutti
  • Sunday 30th of June: Dress Arias and Performance - Tutti
  • Monday 1st of July: Departure (latest check out at 11:00 am)
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*** THE FACULTY 2024: ***


Eivind Gullberg Jensen,
Artistic & General Director of Bergen National Opera, and Chief Conductor of Noord Nederlands Orkest 
Sascha Goetzel
, Music Director for Orchestre National des Pays de la Loire and National Youth Orchestra of Canada, and Principle Guest Conductor for Sofia Philharmonic Orchestra


Stage director:Ivar Emil Tindberg, Norwegian stage director, writer and composer
Assistant stage director: Ann-Terese Aasen, Norwegian choreographer and stage director

Solveig Kringlebotn
, soprano and professor at the Academy of Opera in Oslo and Barratt Due Institute of Music in Oslo
Albert Dohmen
, bass-baritone from Germany, renowned for his Ring-roles Wotan, Alberich and Hagen at the Bayreuth festival 
Kristin Okerlund
, pianist and vocal coach from the Vienna State Opera
Hans-Otto Ehrström
, pianist and vocal coach from the Vienna State Opera

1st violin: Maxim Brilinsky, leader of the 1st violin section, Wiener Philharmoniker
2nd violin:  Lucas Takeshi Stratmann, principal 2nd violin, Wiener Staatsoper
Viola:  James Opie, co-principal viola, Royal Swedish Opera Orchestra in Stockholm
Cello:Erik Wahlgren, solocellist, Royal Swedish Opera Orchestra in Stockholm
Double bass:  Patrick Wilder, co-principal double bass, The Norwegian Opera & Ballet
Karl-Heinz Schütz
, solo flute Wiener Philharmoniker
Audun Halvorsen
, principal bassoon in the Danish National Symphony Orchestra (DR Symfoniorkestret)
José Luis Cortell
, principal horn alternating, the Finnish National Opera in Helsinki. Solo horn, Konzerthaus Orchestra Berlin from October 2024
Timpani and percussion:  Manuel Hofstätter*, Bergen Philharmonic Orchestra

*Hofstätter is our guest musician, and not a coach at the academy

*** THE ACADEMISTS 2024: ***


Sergey Akimov
Tom Ole Elgsaas
Anna Hartmann
Chi-Yuan Lin

Chen Pang
Sigmund Skjeldrum Toppe

Olivia Moss / Queen of the Night
Annika Beinnes / Pamina
Ian Marcus Bjørsvik / Tamino
Alva Olsson / 1. Lady & Papagena
Melike Uludag / 2. Lady
Sunniva Fevang / 3. Lady
Einar Stefánsson / Papageno
Zhengji Han / Sarastro

Julie Sofie Storemyr / Woglinde
Sara Aasen / Wellgunde
Christina Jønsi / Flosshilde
Kristoffer Töyrä / Wotan
Robert Skovly / Loge
Cecilia Lund Tomter / Fricka
Melissa Baug / Freia
Jostein Fahre / Froh
Eirik Krokfjord / Donner
Frida Lund-Larsen / Erda
Simon Thorbjørnsen / Alberich
Endre Dahl / Mime
Johann Dornwald / Fasolt
Viktor Shevchenko / Fafner

ORCHESTRA (27 students and 9 pros = 36 musicians in total)

Information for the violin students: The seating order for the violins – also chair by chair – is updated on May 18th. Please note the rotation between the two concerts Thursday and Sunday, before you choose which music part to rehearse (1st or 2nd violin) when you are preparing for the academy.

Information about the mock audition on Sunday 30th of June 10:00 - 11:40 am:
There are maximum 10 slots, and the rest (4 people) are on a waiting list. We have added a remark behind your name here, in the playing order ("mock audition X:10") – or waiting list order ("mock waiting list X:4"). The schedule is now included in the production schedule for Sunday 30th.

* = coaches / section leaders

Violin 1 at the Thursday concert
[Arias & Zauberflöte]

Maxim Brilinsky*
Aiste Karpaviciute
Gabriel Dodin (mock audition 1:10)
Yejin Joo
Filip Bråthen Hansen
Laura Soeters

Violin 2 at the Thursday concert
[Arias & Zauberflöte]

Lucas Takeshi Stratmann*
Sarah Hirschi
Kristin Engås
Ece Samanlioglu
Teo Devčić

Violin 1 at the Sunday concert
Arias & Rheingold]
Maxim Brilinsky*
Gabriel Dodin
Ece Samanlioglu
Sarah Hirschi
Kristin Engås
Teo Devčić

Violin 2 at the Sunday concert
Arias & Rheingold]
Lucas Takeshi Stratmann*
Yejin Joo
Aiste Karpaviciute
Filip Bråthen Hansen
Laura Soeters

James Opie*
Eeva Tenkanen (mock waiting list 4:4)
Viola Innocenti
Katherine Veeckman (mock audition 2:10)

Erik Wahlgren*
Elias Moreira (mock audition 3:10)
Judit Diaz Alvarez (mock audition 4:10)

Double bass

Patrick Wilder*
Aleksandra Jaworska (mock audition 5:10)

Flute 1
Karl-Heinz Schütz*
Flute 2 & piccolo
Elina Ceprova (mock waiting list 1:4)
Oboe 1
Ella Dorothea Delbrück (mock waiting list 2:4)
Oboe 2 & cor anglais

Emilie Wästlund (mock audition 6:10)
Clarinet 1

Silvia Schweigl (mock audition 7:10)
Clarinet 2 & Bass clarinet

Vera Cecilie Xiang Aadland (mock waiting list 3:4)
Bassoon 1
Audun Halvorsen*
Bassoon 2
Jonas Beckmann (mock audition 8:10)

Horn 1
José Luis Cortell*
Horn 2
Sytske Pas (mock audition 9:10)
Trumpet 1
Ángel Manuel Nicolás Barceló
Trumpet 2
Alexander Keiser
Trombone 1 (alto & tenor trombone)
Çağla Turhan (mock audition 10:10)
Trombone 2 (tenor trombone)
Carles Broseta Garcia
Bass trombone
Ivan Cheung

Timpani and percussion
Manuel Hofstätter
(from the Bergen Philharmonic Orchestra)

The list of participants was updated on May 31st

Odd Halstensen / Production Director
Vilde Gustavsen / Production Manager
Katrine Wisth / Stage Manager
Cathrine Ahlsen / Head of Costume
Andreas Marceliussen / Podium Stage Manager
TBA / Head of Stage and props
Kristian Andersen / Lights

All contact emails and phone numbers to BNO staff can be found here

Please click on the link and download music scores here: Music Scores Opera by the Fjord 2024

All music scores and parts are now available in the folder!
BNO is an ECO Lighthouse and we wish the reduce the amount of printed paper where it is possible:

Orchestra students & conductor students: All parts and full scores will be available on request (deadline June 10th) in physical B4-format at the academy.
Repetiteur students: All vocal scores will be bound, and available in A4-format at the academy.
Singers: Please download the opera you are in. Both Das Rheingold and Die Zauberflöte are now available.

BNO is certified Miljøfyrtårn/ ECO Lighthouse since 2021. We focus on how we can make more environmentally friendly choices every day and you can help. Please choose public transport to work, bring your own water bottle, coffee mug, choose trademark products, recycle waste, clean up after you and create a nice work environment.

The summer academy Opera by the Fjord is located at:

  • Oseana Kunst- og Kultursenter Mobergsbakken 20, 5200 Os

Pictures of the venue and information can be found on their website:  www.oseana.no

Map of bus stop boat oseana

Singers, conductors and repetiteurs can arrive in Os on Saturday 22th June from 13:00.

Orchestra musicians can arrive from Monday 24th afternoon to Tuesday 25th morning in order to be ready on the podium Tuesday 25th at 14:00.

For singers, repetiteurs and conductors: If your travel plans mean that you need accommodation in Bergen before travelling to Os, please contact Vilde

Please check out www.entur.no or www.reise.skyss.no for travel info and tickets from Bergen to Os. Use “Osøyro” in the search for Os. If you are travelling to Os from Bergen Airport Flesland you have two options. There is a light rail service “Bybane” from the airport to Bergen centre, the line number is 1 (and its the only one departing from the airport)

Options 1: You can either travel from the airport to “Lagunen” and transfer there to the 600 bus to Os

Options 2: You can travel from the airport to the city centre, stop “Nonneseter” and then jump on the bus 600 to Os from the central bus station.

A taxi from the airport to Os will cost around NOK 700. 

Os is a small town and upon arrival the venue is walking distance from the bus stop in the centre of town (please see map below) Please let us know if you have any questions. 

From Skyssapp, Bergen Airport (Lufthavn) to Oseana:

Travel to Os 2024

Most of the participants will be accommodated on M/S Sunnhordland. The beautifully restored historic steamer from Leirvik has a long history and was originally built as an anti-submarine corvette and escort vessel. 

M/S Sunnhordland will dock within walking distance from the venue. 

The cabins range from 2 to 4 beds. Most of you will be sharing with other participants. There is bed linen and towels in each cabin. The cabins are functional but comfortable.

Please keep in mind, the cabins are small, so pack in bags (not suitcases).

For more information on the history of the steamer and images, please check out their website: http://www.mssunnhordland.no

Breakfast, lunch and dinner will be served on board M/S Sunnhordland. Breakfast is served from 08:15-09:30, Lunch will be from 13:00 - 14:30, and dinner 19:00 - 21:00. There is a cosy bar on board the boat should you wish to socialise in the evenings. 

If you have any dietary requirements, please let us know by June 1st at the latest.

Suggestions for games and fun activities outside the schedule are welcomed. Bring swimwear!

We have limited access to the performance and rehearsal spaces in Oseana. The venue is open to us between 09:00 and 19:00 every day and the rehearsals will be held between 10:00-19:00. 

The venue is not available outside these hours.

Our schedule is ambitious and the time and space we have available is limited. We are sadly not able to arrange individual rehearsal or warmup spaces.

There are various spaces available on M/S Sunnhordland, but these are limited. We ask that you respect your fellow participants and the neighbours in the harbour when choosing locations and times.

We want to make you all aware of this restriction in advance to avoid misunderstanding and disappointment upon arrival. Please take this into consideration when preparing yourself.


Cathrine will send you an email regarding concert attire and costumes.

For the Thursday concert 27th of June: please wear dark and neutral attire.
For the Summer concert 30th of June: Black shirts, black trousers, black shoes

Orchestra musicians and repetiteurs:
For the Thursday concert: please wear white shirt, black trousers and black shoes.
For the Summer concert: Black shirts, black trousers, black shoes

The concerts will be recorded for documentation purposes and a link to the video can be send on demand. Please contact Monika by email:  monika@bno.no

Please see our code of conduct here: Code of conduct


Contact persons
Ole Klemsdal / Head of Communication / Send email / +47 911 01 791
Monika / Head of e-commerce / Send email / +47 92 47 0001

There may be journalists from the written press present at the rehearsals during the whole rehearsal period. There will be information about this beforehand. Any media coverage involving sound recording will be approved by the involved artists and singers beforehand.

Monika from Bergen National Opera's communications department will be recording and taking photos throughout the production for use in our social media channels.

We will be recording parts of the rehearsals for documentation and social media teasers.


Norwegians love to talk about the weather! It changes from day to day, hour to hour, and we recommend bring clothes for both a rainy day as well as sunshine.

The standard way of paying is by credit card or bank card. Few locals pay with cash - even for a packet of chewing gum.
As for general shopping, all but kiosks and tourists shops are closed on Sundays. Restaurants, cafés and bars are open all week. If you're looking for a Sunday open supermarket we recommend Bunnpris, Torggaten 6, and/or Nygårdsgaten 89.

For things to do in Bergen, check out Visitnorway.com

Premiere Party- what to wear
Anything and everything is welcomed. Most of us wear casual chic.

Please don't hesitate to contact us.

If you have any question regarding artistic program, music and scores, please contact Nicolai@bno.no

Any other question please contact Vilde@bno.no

Or check out our WhatsApp: Open by the fjords 2024

Bergen Nasjonale Opera
Edvard Griegs plass 1
+47 55 21 61 20

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