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Cast information

Information relating to the production period of Den Glade Enke 2.0 in Grieghallen, Bergen.



There may be some changes to the schedule, if you have any question please contact Vilde. Thank you.


Welcome to Bergen National Opera

Dear friends,

I am so happy to welcome you all to Bergen, to the Norwegian continuation of the coproduction of “Den Glade Enke”, which started in Copenhagen last fall, with some of you involved already.

Our version has been translated and “Bergenized” by Eric del Barco Soleglad, who also plays the role of Zeta in our production. We do hope to continue the success of this production from Copenhagen, and we look forward to share your work with the audience here in Bergen.

I am still in my first season as Artistic Director for Bergen National Opera, and I am delighted that this Norwegian/Danish coproduction takes place at such an early stage.

Special welcome to all our friends and colleagues from Copenhagen; Kasper Holten and his team.

As you will notice, Bergen is a beautiful city – make sure you also find time to visit our fish market, take a trip to Fløyen, and have a walk in one of the surrounding mountains or the atmospheric city center.

We don’t know the exact covid situation until shortly before we meet in February, since this is changing very fast. But we might need to ask you to limit your number of contacts during your free time in Bergen. As the virus is causing less and less serious symptoms, the real threat to our production now is primarily that people are testing positive at a critical time, thus being prevented from participating in important rehearsals and performances.

Looking forward to seeing you all soon – enjoy!




BNO is certified ECO Lighthouse since 2020. We focus on how we can make more environmentally friendly choices every day and you can help. Please choose public transport to work, bring your own water bottle, choose trademark products, recycle waste, clean up after you and create a nice work environment.

Grieghallen Guest - password: klokkeklang


Vincenzo Milletari / Conductor
Kasper Holten / Stage director
Signe Fabricius / Choreographer
Steffen Aarfing / Set design
Ida Marie Ellekilde / Costume design
Ulrik Gad / Light Design
Video Design / Luke Halls
Anna Schulin-Zeuthen / Assistant Stage Director
Aage Richard Meyer / Assistant Conductor
Ann-Terese Aasen / Assistant Stage Director
Miles Hoare / Assistant Choreographer

Kari Postma  / Hanna Glawari
Eirik del Barco Soleglad  / Zeta
Peter Lodahl  / Danilo
Beate Mordal  / Valencienne
Bror Magnus Tødenes  / Camille
Martin Eidsgaard Hatlo  / Ken Skade
Georg Källström  / Filip St. Brioche
Thor Inge Falch / Konow
Ingebjørg Cosmo / Borgersen
Mikkel Fjeld Skorpen / Sylvester
Olivera Ticevic / Olga
Silya Nymoen / Nielsen

Bergen Philharmonic Orchestra
Edvard Grieg Kor

Thea Carla Schøtt / Dancer
Nefertiti Pedersen /Dancer
Maria Malmstrøm / Dancer
Olivia Anselmo / Dancer
Liza Stokseth / Dancer

26th at 6pm, 28th, 30th of March and 1st of April at 7pm.
Duration: 2hours, 30 min including 30 min intermission


For all members of Den Glade Enke 2.0: We offer a total of 4 ticket at reduced price. Please use this link to purchase:https://tix.no/nb/bno/specialo... If any questions please contact Monika (at) bno.no

BNO´s office, rehearsals and performances are held in Grieghallen. Grieghallen is a multi purpose venue that holds many different fields of performing arts and is administered by separate organization. BNO does not have access to rehearsal rooms or other locations in the building outside the scheduled rehearsal times.

Our offices and costume workshop are located on the 3rd floor.

Artist Pass: please present your artist pass when entering Grieghallen.

Rehearsal starts - 21th of February

Premiere 26th of March at 6pm

Premiereparty in the Foyer (Spissen) minutes after curtain.




Contact persons:

Ole Klemsdal / Head of Communication / Send email / +47 911 01 791

Monika / Head of e-commerce / Send email / +47 92 47 0001

Press: There may be journalists from the written press present at the rehearsals during the whole rehearsal period. There will be information about this beforehand.

Any media coverage involving sound recording will be approved by the involved artists and singers beforehand.

Photo: There will be a photographer present at some rehearsals and for backstage photos. Monika from Bergen National Opera's communications department will also be recording and taking photos throughout the production for use in our social media channels.

Film: We will be recording parts of the performance for documentation and social media teasers.


A co-production by Bergen National Opera and The Royal Danish Theatre in Copenhagen
Presented by Bergen National Opera in collaboration with Bergen Philharmonic Orchestra and Edvard Grieg Kor

All contact emails and phone numbers to BNO staff can be found here

Production Director / Odd Halstensen / Send email
Stage Manager / Ida Nilsen Aune
Production Manager / Vilde Gustavsen / Send email
Head of Costumes / Cathrine Ahlsen / Send email
Head of Props/ Barbro Worren and Øystein Nesheim
Head of Make-up / Kati Sjøgren
Head of Stage / Jenny Hope
Lighting Director / Ivar Skjørestad
Repetiteur / Ellena Hale

Program photos will be taken at the Stage and Piano rehearsals.
Some music will also be recorded tbc

For information relating to Bergen and Norway please visit the Norwegian Institute of Public Health: www.fhi.no

BNO will follow the current restrictions and guidelines. If you have any questions please contact Vilde Gustavsen.


Here are some tips on where to get discounts when eating out, just remember to bring your BNO card to
the below restaurants and cafés and present it when you place your order:

Zen Café: 10% with purchase over NOK 100
Café Opera: 10% Address: Engen 18, 5011 Bergen
Pingvinen: 10% - Address: Vaskerelven 14, 5014 Bergen



Arrival international: please check out https://www.helsenorge.no/en/c... for information entering Norway. Please note that since Feb 12th the travel-restrictions upon entry into Norway have been lifted. The same rules as prior to the corona pandemic now apply.

The standard way of paying is by credit card or bank card. Few locals pay with cash - even for a packet of chewing gum.

Norwegians love to talk about the weather! It changes from day to day, hour to hour, and we recommend bringing layers of clothes. If you are planning to go on hikes it’s wise to bring rain clothes and waterproof boots. The temperature in Bergen in February and March is normally be between -1- +10 degrees, average around 4 degrees celcius.

As for general shopping, all but kiosks and tourists shops are closed on Sundays. Restaurants, cafés and bars are open all week.

For things to do in Bergen, check out Visitnorway.com


There are several efficient and easy alternatives for how to get from Bergen Airport Flesland to Bergen city center. Bergen has good public transport services with both the Airport Bus Flybussen and the City Light Rail (called Bybanen in Norwegian), as well as taxis going between the airport and the city center. Please note the Bybanens stop between Nygård and Byparken is closed next week and there is bus from Nygård to city centre. If you have suitcase or heavy bags I would recommend the airports bus.

  • Bergen City Light rail (Bybanen) The cheapest way to get from Bergen Airport Flesland to Bergen city center is to go by the City Light Rail (Bybanen). It takes about 45 minutes from the Airport to Bergen city center and it costs only NOK 40 for an adult. The ticket needs to be purchased in advance either online at www.skyss.no/en/ or in their app Skyss ticket app. From the airport to the city center is 1 zone.

    Check out www.skyss.no for more information. The City Light Rail starts right at the airport terminals lower deck and ends in the center of Bergen. The closest stop to Grieghallen, Hotel Terminus and Hotel Zander K is called Nonneseter.

  • Airport bus (Flybussen) A faster way to reach Bergen city center is by the Airport Bus (Flybussen), which only takes 33 minutes. The bus costs NOK 129 if you buy the tickets in advance online at www.flybussen.no The bus has several stops in Bergen city center and the closest stop to Grieghallen, Grand Hotel Terminus and Hotel Zander K is Bergen Busstasjon. You can find the bus just outside the Flesland arrival terminal. All stops with the Airport bus are announced.
  • Taxi The most direct way to get to your hotel is to take a taxi. A taxi from Bergen Airport Flesland to Bergen city center costs around NOK 500, but prices vary according to the time of day and the number of passengers. The taxis are parked just outside the arrival terminal. They prefer bank card (BankAxept, Visa and MasterCard) as payment, but you could also pay in cash (NOK).

Please don't hesitate to contact us.

Bergen Nasjonale Opera
Edvard Griegs plass 1
+47 55 21 61 20