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Information related to Flaggermusen 2024

Welcome to Flaggermusen at Bergen National Opera

Dear friends,

I am very happy to welcome you all to Bergen, to our new and crazy production of Strauss’ Flaggermus/Fledermaus. After our success with «Den glade enke 2.0» a couple of years ago, we decided to give our audience a treat with a quite similar concept – a very famous operetta, with a new text based on familiar environment. Also this time, signed by the excellent Adam Price.

The ambitions for this production is very high, and time is limited, so I wish you all a very effective but nevertheless non-stressful rehearsal period.

I am very happy that we have got Yngve Sundvor and his team to lead you through the madness, from Exit environment through pink party in Bergen to a grand finale at the NECC (Økokrim).

A warm and special welcome to our conductor Alfred Eschwé from Vienna – together with a wonderful cast, I am sure he will teach us all a lot about this very viennese style🎶

As most of you know already, Bergen is a beautiful city – make sure you also find time to visit our fish market, take a trip with the funicular «Fløibanen», walk from Ulriken to Fløyen (2 of the 7 mountains) visit our museum complex «Kode», the beautiful house of Edvard Grieg at Troldhaugen, or simply have a walk in the atmospheric city center.

Looking forward to seeing you all soon – enjoy!

From Bergen with love,

Eivind ☺️

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Production Schedule Flaggermusen

The Production Schedule may change. Please contact Vilde Gustavsen if you have any questions. Thank you. (vilde@bno.no)
Quick note
: 26th Feb to 3rd March the canteen is closed (winter holiday)

Alfred Eschwé / Conductor
Yngve Sundvor / Stage director  

Even Børsum / Set designer
Helena Andersson / Costume designer

Geir Hovland / Lighting designer   

Einar Bjarkø / Videodesigner
Jostein Kirkeby-Garstad /  Choreographer
Håkon Matti Skrede / Chorus master
Gunvald Ottesen / Asst. Conductor
Ann-Terese Aasen / Asst. Stage Director

Anton Ljungqvist / Gabriel Malmberg  
Ivi Karnezi / Rosalinde  

Annika Beinnes / Imelda   

Bror Magnus Tødenes / Alfredo  
Adrian Angelico / Karl-Maria Ulriken   

Johannes Weisser / Falke  
Mads Wighus / Blind
Eirik del Barco Soleglad*/ Frosch   

Svein Harry Schöttker-Hauge*/ Frank   

Lykke Kristine Moen */ Maya 
Knut Erik Engemoen */ Ivan-Iwanka  

Tormod Løvold*/ Dahl  

Alma Otilie Eriksmoen Gullberg / Emma  

Ina Olava Eriksmoen Gullberg / Nora  

Ragnhild Hemsing / fiddle player   
Gard Hjertaas Bjørnson / dancer

Oda Rognø / dancer

Ane Evjen Gjøvåg / dancer

Noelle Elyza Guinoo Deriada / dancer

* actors from Den Nationale Scene

Bergen Philharmonic Orchestra
Edvard Grieg Kor and students from the Grieg Academy

Odd Halstensen / Production Director
Vilde Gustavsen / Production Manager
Pia Gullichsen and Inga Beate Bøe / Stage Managers
Cathrine Ahlsen / Head of Costume
Barbro Worren / Head of Props
Ingrid Stasi Skjold / Head of Make-Up and SFX
Jon Inge Keskitalo / Head of Stage
Ivar Skjørestad / Lights
Jørgen Lystrup / Head of CT-Group
Ellena Armelius/ Repetiteur
Magnus Blom/ Repetiteur for Chorus

All contact emails and phone numbers to BNO staff can be found here

BNO is certified Miljøfyrtårn/ ECO Lighthouse since 2021. We focus on how we can make more environmentally friendly choices every day and you can help. Please choose public transport to work, bring your own water bottle, coffee mug, choose trademark products, recycle waste, clean up after you and create a nice work environment.



7th of Feb at 21:30 Operapub at Kulturhuset

9th of March Premiere Party in the foyer after the premiere

A link to discounted tickets (max 2 pr. person) can be found here:

Sone 1: 300 NOK
Sone 2: 200 NOK
Sone 3: 100 NOK

Grieghallen is a multi purpose venue and BNO only have access to the rooms that are in the Production Schedule. Shared dressing rooms will be assigned after get-in on stage 24th of Feb.

The canteen is located on the 4th floor in Grieghallen. It's open during the Orchestra's rehearsal. With the Lunch Deal (50 NOK a day) we offer warm lunch, sandwiches to go, coffee and tea. If you like to join the lunch deal, we kindly ask you to sign up before you arrive by sending an email to Vilde (vilde@bno.no) The canteen do not accept cash or credit card. This lunch deal is for artist and technical personal employed by BNO.


Please see our code of conduct here: Code of conduct


Our venue, rehearsal studio and costume fittings is located in Grieghallen

  • Edvard Griegs plass 1, 5015 BERGEN

Pictures of the venue and information can be found on their website: www.grieghallen.no

Grieghallen Fotograf Eilif Stene


Please join us on social media!



Contact persons
Ole Klemsdal / Head of Communication / Send email / +47 911 01 791
Monika / Head of e-commerce / Send email / +47 92 47 0001

There may be journalists from the written press present at the rehearsals during the whole rehearsal period. There will be information about this beforehand. Any media coverage involving sound recording will be approved by the involved artists and singers beforehand.

Monika from Bergen National Opera's communications department will be recording and taking photos throughout the production for use in our social media channels.

We will be recording parts of the rehearsals for documentation and social media teasers.

Here are some tips on where to get discounts when eating out, just remember to bring your BNO card to
the below restaurants and cafés and present it when you place your order:

Zen Café: 10% with purchase over NOK 100
Café Opera: 10% Address: Engen 18, 5011 Bergen
Pingvinen: 10% - Address: Vaskerelven 14, 5014 Bergen


Norwegians love to talk about the weather! It changes from day to day, hour to hour, and we recommend bring clothes for both a rainy day as well as sunshine.

The standard way of paying is by credit card or bank card. Few locals pay with cash - even for a packet of chewing gum.
As for general shopping, all but kiosks and tourists shops are closed on Sundays. Restaurants, cafés and bars are open all week. If you're looking for a Sunday open supermarket we recommend Bunnpris, Torggaten 6, and/or Nygårdsgaten 89.

For things to do in Bergen, check out Visitnorway.com

Premiere Party- what to wear

Anything and everything is welcomed. Most of us wear casual chic.

There are several efficient and easy alternatives for how to get from Bergen Airport Flesland to Bergen city center. Bergen has good public transport services with both the Airport Bus Flybussen and the City Light Rail (called Bybanen in Norwegian), as well as taxis going between the airport and the city center.

If you have suitcase or heavy bags we would recommend the Airports bus. We recommend checking the www.entur.no for information on which transportation is available at the time of arrival at Bergen Lufthavn.

  • Bergen City Light rail (Bybanen) The cheapest way to get from Bergen Airport Flesland to Bergen city center is to go by the City Light Rail (Bybanen). It takes about 45 minutes from the Airport to Bergen city center and it costs only NOK 40 for an adult. The ticket needs to be purchased in advance either online at www.skyss.no/en/ or in their app Skyss ticket app. From the airport to the city center is 1 zone.

    Check out www.skyss.no for more information. The City Light Rail starts right at the airport terminals lower deck and ends in the center of Bergen. The closest stop to Grieghallen, Hotel Terminus and Hotel Zander K is called Nonneseter.

  • Airport bus (Flybussen) A faster way to reach Bergen city center is by the Airport Bus (Flybussen), which only takes 33 minutes. The bus costs NOK 169 if you buy the tickets in advance online at www.flybussen.no The bus has several stops in Bergen city center and the closest stop to Grieghallen, Grand Hotel Terminus and Hotel Zander K is Bergen Busstasjon. You can find the bus just outside the Flesland arrival terminal. All stops with the Airport bus are announced.
  • Taxi The most direct way to get to your hotel is to take a taxi. A taxi from Bergen Airport Flesland to Bergen city center costs around NOK 525/575, but prices vary according to the time of day and the number of passengers. The taxis are parked just outside the arrival terminal. They prefer bank card (BankAxept, Visa and MasterCard) as payment, but you could also pay in cash (NOK).
Map Bergen

Please don't hesitate to contact us.

Bergen Nasjonale Opera
Edvard Griegs plass 1
+47 55 21 61 20

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