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Who is who in the Magic Flute?

Meet the persons from The Magic Flute, who enter the stage here in Bergen autumn 2022

All photos: Magnus Skrede

Mari Eriksmoen / Pamina

Pamina (Mari Eriksmoen)

Linard Vrielink / Pamino

Tamino (Linard Vrielink)

Rainelle Krause / Nattens dronning

The Queen of the Night / Die Königin der Nach (Rainelle Krause)

Rosanne van Sandwijk, Ann-Helen Moen og Astrid Nordstad

The three ladies / Die drei Damen (Ann-Helen Moen, Rosanne van Sandwijk and Astrid Nordstad)

Stephen Milling / Sarastro

Sarastro (Stephen Milling)

Mark Omvlee / Monostatos

Monostatos (Mark Omvlee)

Thomas Oliemans / Papageno

Papageno (Thomas Oliemans)

Renate Ekerhovd / Papagena

Papagena (Renate Ekerhovd)

Benjamin Winter , Olav Frøyen Sandvik og Markus Sollesnes

The tree boys / Die drei Knaben (Olav Frøyen Sandvik, Benjamin Winter and Markus Sollesnes)

Håvard Stensvold

Speaker of the temple / Sprecher (Håvard Stensvold)

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