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Help, we're off to the opera!

First time? Don't worry, we've answered the most common questions below! Feel free to contact us at if we've not covered your particular query.

Opera is always performed without any microphones, making it the ultimate unplugged-experience! To hear a single voice carry to the very end of Grieghallen, over the orchestra, is a wonderous experience.

Wear your jeans if you feel like, or dress up. Whatever your choice of outfit, you will feel at home amongst our truly diverse audience members.

No need to be shy - be as impulsive as you lik!. If you like a singer you can show it by applauding. If that does not cover it, shout 'bravo', whistle or stamp on the floor. However, it is best to wait until the singer has finished. In addition, it is normal to applaud after each act and after the show. Here, you can give a standing ovation.

The icing on the opera-cake, so to speak, is when a soloist performs a song alone - an aria. An opera often contains several such arias and many have become great hits. You might recognise a song which you didn't know comes from the opera you are watching. An aria is often tailor made to make sure the singer stretches their voice as far as possible - this is musical extreme sport! You will guaranteed to be impressed when soprano reaches the High C or maybe even higher.

Opera is not just for the upper levels of society; opera is simply about storytelling through music, stories that everyone can relate to and be moved by. Our aim is that everyone, regardless of age and background, feels welcome at our operas. In addition we bring opera outdoors to opera cafés and pop-up-opera events. We have performances for children, where parents and grandparents can have a great time with youngsters. We also offer discounted tickets to everyone under the age of 30, with no restrictions on seating.

You don't need to know anything about the plot of the opera before you arrive. We provide subtitles in Norwegian and sometimes also in English. If you do wish to know more about the opera beforehand, please visit the programme page on this website. Here, we not only explain the plot but also list the performers and include video from rehearsals. You can also purchase a programme prior to the performance, which contains the synopsis and accompanying photographs.

At Grieghallen you can purchase food and drink both before the performance and during the interval. To avoid the queue, you can pre-order our opera-platter and/or drinks by calling +47 55 21 61 50. You may also bring your drink purchased in Grieghallen back to your seat for the performance - just take care when you put your glass down so you don't disturb any of your fellow audience or the performers.

Bergen National Opera follow the government's advice, via Folkehelseinstituttet. All our performances and actitives run as normal. We will contact the audience and update our website and social media if anything changes.

We encourage employees and audience to pay extra attention to hand hygiene, and to caugh/sneeze in the elbow. Antibac / hand sanitizer is available in the foyer as well as all other areas of Grieghallen.

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