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Benjamin Winter

Boy soprano Benjamin Winter is singing the title role as Amahl in December (2022).

Benjamin Winter born February 2009 is a 13 year old boy soprano. He sings in Edvard Grieg Boys Choir, and he has previously been member of the Edvard Grieg Talent Program.

Benjamin had a children’s role in the opera Werther by Massenet performed in Bergen in 2019, and he was a soloist with Bergen Philharmonic Orchestra in the New Year concert in 2021, performing Walking in the Air.

On three occasions he has performed in Bergen National Theater (Den Nationale Scene). He sung Pie Jesu as a duet with Norwegian soprano Eir Inderhaug in a concert by Bergen National Opera, he performed in a Christmas concert with acclaimed pop-singer from Norway, AURORA, together with boys from Edvard Grieg Boys Choir, and he performed in an audio-recording for the musical Cabaret.

As a boy soprano he has regularly performed Pie Jesu and Panis Angelicus in concerts with his brother Samuel Winter.

Benjamin is also a trumpetist/cornetist and plays in brass bands on a high level, as well as enjoying playing jazz.

This autumn Benjamin was also singing one of the three Child-spirits in Simon McBurney's version of The Magic Flute here in Bergen.

Updated November 2022