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Anders Lindstad

Anders Lindstad was nominated to the prestigous Rose d´Or 2019, together with Cathrine Winnes, for the SVT Series “She Composes Like a Man”. Now he has directed the Carmen-film for Bergen National Opera.

The director and producer Anders Lindstad graduated from the University of Oslo with a master’s degree in media studies, where his thesis was about the production of the reality show Big Brothers’ first season in Norway.

Lindstad has worked with music, documentary, drama, humor and production for new platforms for television production companies such as Dinamo Story, Monkberry and Metronome Spartacus. Lindstad is now a director and producer in his own production company, Peiling Film & TV AS, and specializes in productions related to music.

 Among others, he has been a photographer, editor and director for music videos for bands such as Karpe Diem and Madrugada, and also for Norwegian artists like Odd Nordstoga, Eva Weel Skram and Daniel Kvammen.

Lindstad has also contributed to several music productions for the Norwegian Broadcasting Corporation (NRK) over the past decade, such as Klassisk Bjørn Eidsvåg, Hello Europe (a portrait of Alexander Rybak) Lydverket, Studio 1 and more.

He has also created these TV-documentaries: About Shostakovich’ 5th Symphony with Kristiansand Symphony Orchestra, which was aired on NRK2. "Sivert Høyem live from Acropolis" (2017) – and "Winter Dreams" (2018) about Hjalmar Borgström's rediscovered violin concerto, with Eldbjørg Hemsing and The Arctic Philharmonic, conducted by Eivind Gullberg Jensen.

Anders Lindstad was nominated for the prestigious Rose d´Or Awards 2019 in the Arts category, together with conductor and presenter Cathrine Winnes, for the SVT Series “She Composes Like a Man”. The series were also aired on NRK, and the international version is now also ready, and will be distributed by EuroArts. Lindstad was director, editor as well as producer for this documentary about female composers.

The upcoming Carmen-film marks Lindstad’s first collaboration with Bergen National Opera.