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Edvard Grieg Choirs

Edvard Grieg Choir is a professional choir which we partner with for all our productions.

Edvard Grieg Choir is a professional ensemble of highly accomplished singers which performs a wide range of repertoire a capella, but also forms the core of the chorus for Bergen National Opera. The ensemble also performs as part of the Bergen Philharmonic Chorus.

In 2012 Edvard Grieg Choir became the first vocal ensemble in Norway to employ singers on permanent contracts. The wide variety of activities makes Edvard Grieg Choir unique among professional ensembles worldwide. The eight singers in Edvard Grieg Vocal Ensemble is the the core of Edvard Grieg Choir.

Edvard Grieg Girls’ Choir, Edvard Grieg Boys’ Choir – and Edvard Grieg Youth Choir is also a part of the Edvard Grieg Korene (Choirs).

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