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See pictures from Werther!

Massenet´s deeply romantic opera – a fabulous balance of emotion and restraint – is based on a Goethe story assumed to be biographical.

Stage director and designer Antony McDonald has won several prices for his work at La Scala og Bolsjoj-teatret to name but a few.

See Werther in Grieghallen 16th, 18th, 20th and 22nd March 2019 in Grieghallen. Tickets and more info

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Sing along

How to make misery interesting

I´ve just been down in the rehearsal room where Massenet´s hero Werther has been dying since 10:00 this morning. The atmosphere is brisk and deeply practical.


Diversity, quality and leadership

It was Winston Churchill who once suggested that ‘while we shape our buildings, afterwards our buildings shape us.’ The content of those buildings – who are they for, and how should they be led - is a conversation currently much in focus.

Ba 6 Candide Review

Top reviews for Candide

"Magic", "A triumph", "Fireworks" - The press loved the new production of Candide at Bergen National Opera

Werther Nett

Werther - Synopsis

The deeply passionate young idealist and poet Werther meets an inexperienced young woman who is bound to her family by duty. She is engaged to Albert – decent, hard-working and steady – and she has promised her late mother to marry him. Werther becomes obsessed, and Charlotte begins a journey of self-discovery.